Tidal Validation

Our Tidal Validation aims to provide training and evaluation in evacuation from a non lower down situation.  Evaluation is by practical, direct observation.  This is is a one day training course, with evaluation on completion.

Is it for me?

The prerequisites for registration are as follows:


The Syllabus

  • Prevention is better than cure philosophy: tides, weather, site specific risk assessment, pre assessment, cut off points and priorities
  • SPA remit: role of the leader, responsibilities, assistants and use of students in emergencies
  • Safety: self, group and casualty
  • Assisted hoists: rope required, equipment used, safe are practice practical application
  • Unassisted hoists: type of casualty, rope length, multiple hoists
  • Use, abuse and types of prussiks
  • Safely evacuating from the cliff top


By the end of the training the candidate will be able to:

  • Use an assisted hoist with and with out Gri Gri’s
  • Use unassisted hoists with and with out Gri Gri’s
  • Purssik down to a casualty, secure with a Persian borderer return and evacuate