Outdoor Instructor Training Course

Get the skills you need to be an outdoor instructor

Our Outdoor Instructor Training Course provides those looking for a career in the outdoor industry with a wide range of qualifications and skills.

A truly comprehensive package put together by leaders in the industry, the course is designed to provide you with everything you need to become an outdoor instructor. You’ll be coached, trained and assessed by some of the best outdoor instructors in the UK. We’ll help you every step of the way, teaching you all the skills you need to be a part of one of the best industries out there! Once you’ve completed the course it doesn’t end there. You’ll be part of the WLA family. Whether you need advice, help finding contacts for work, or you want to gain extra experience by sitting in on future courses (at no extra expense to you), we’ll be there to help.

Outdoor Instructor Training Course

Training & Assessment in:

What you’ll get

On the course:

  • Coaching, training and assessment delivered by some of the best outdoor instructors in the UK
  • Accommodation on the beautiful Gower peninsular in South Wales, UK
  • A truly comprehensive package, put together by industry leaders
  • Personal & group skills log book experience

Following the course:

  • Ongoing advice
  • Help finding work
  • An opportunity to gain extra experience by sitting in on future courses
Outdoor Instructor Training Course



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Please note the information below about medical disclosure and cancellations.

Medical disclosure

You will need to disclose any relevant medical or other information to your course director, enabling them to run the programme safely. Please email admin@wlaplay.com.

Cancellations policy

Client cancellations
You will not be billed for cancellations up to 15 days prior to the start of a course. For cancellations 7-14 days prior you will be billed half the course fees. For cancellations fewer than 7 days prior to the start of the course you will be billed the full course costs or daily rate as applicable.
WLA cancellations
In the event that a course is cancelled by WLA, we will refund the course fee or at the client's request carry this over to the next available course.